NOT Your Normal Social Emotional Learning Podcast: WELCOME


Uncomplicated and practical advice for nurturing students’ social emotional learning (SEL) and their cognitive development.

The nurturing effect of a teacher's whole-hearted attention
A teacher’s whole-hearted attention is essential for drawing out and developing students’ potential.

NOT-YOUR-NORMAL SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING podcast is all about the relationship-side of interactions … you know: the side that weaves through every minute of every activity of every single subject, every single day.  We’ll be  talking with, and getting great ideas from, educators who, more often than not, are energized by their work with kids rather than left dragging at the end of most days.

There are some great teachers in this world. We love learning from them and sharing ideas with them. If there are topics you’d like us to explore, or if you have any questions or comments … we want you to know that we are here for you – to answer and respond to your issues and concerns.

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